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Malkit Singh, the king of Bhangra, an international phenomenon born in 1962 in village Hussainpur, Jalandhar, and raised in Nakodar, Jalandhar, Punjab. He is a famous foreign based Punjabi bhangra singer. Most famous for the songs "Gur Nalo Ishq Mita", "Tootak Tootak Tootiyan", "Kurri Garam Jayee", "Dekh li vilyait", as well as recently, "Chal Hun," and "Jind Mahi" from the blockbuster Bend It Like Beckham film soundtrack.
Malkit Singh, MBE was named as the biggest selling Bhangra artist of all time in the Guinness Book of Records in 2000. Bhangra music star Malkit Singh releases his 22nd album Billo Rani. He was invited to sing at the world famous US Super Bowl final in September 2009.

A big welcome awaited the Punjabi folksinger who was chosen to headline the event ahead of Canadian bhangra singers due to his immense international popularity. A number of other up-and-coming bhangra acts have had their chance to shine during the Winter Olympics in Canada.

Malkit Singh ~ Albums

* Nach Gidde Vich (1986)
* I Love Golden Star (1987)
* Put Sardaren De (1988)
* Chott Nigary Lawo (1988)
* Up Front (1988)
* Fast Forward (1989)
* Hai Shava (1989)
* Dhotakada Bai Dhotakada (1990)
* Ragga Muffin Mix (1991)
* Gal Sun Ja (1991)
* Tere Ishq Nachiyanv (1992)
* Singho Ho Jo Kathe (1992)
* Chak De Dholia (1993)
* Midas Touch (1994)
* Forever Gold (1995)
* Akh Larr Gayee (1997)
* Malkit Millennium Mixes "Kini Sohni" (1999)
* Nach Nach (2000)
* Kudi Patole Wargi (2000)
* Murh Watna Nu Jana
* Paaro (2001)
* Mighty Boliyan (2001)
* Midas Touch II (2003)
* 21st Chapter Nachna Aaj Nachna (2005)
* Billo Rani (2009)

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