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Inderjeet NIkku's Birthday 25 oct

Album Inderjeet NIkku's

01 Singh Is King
02 Rusan
03 Pagg
04 Bhabi
05 Phulkari
06 Punjabian
07 Mumtaaz
08 Aish
09 Taash
10 Sardaari
11 Boli
12 Sonh

His father started teaching him music when he was six years old and after four years of learning he came with the blasting album CHARKHE DI GHOOK This 10 year’s old guy cane with the sort of revolution in Punjabi music. His father as you all knows that famous Sufi singer.

He is Guru of Punjab's Raj gayak Hans raj Hans...and Hans treats Saleem as younger brother Abt. his mother she is also very good singer but nobody knows abt her because she does not sing publicily. She only sings for pooran shah koti when she cooks or at some other time.But she is also having sensational voice no doubt Saleem is great artist but let us talk abt his father instead of saleem today.As we all know that saleem's father is USTAD POORAN SHAH JI KOTI .So if I try to write abt the qualities of USTAD POORAN SHAH JI KOTI then I am going to have shortage of words so let us talk abt his life how he started his singing and how he became the Sufi singer of Punjab.USTAD POORAN SHAH JI KOTI ji belong to MARASI cast of HINDU CommunitySo in Punjab they are also called BHAND .So tradition of BHAND people was to visit every house where some Happy Things like marriage new born baby and some other things which can be celebrated BHAND people visit those places and they make some fun by doing comedy and singing different songs and in this way they collect money from different people and in this way they spend their life. So by being in this tradition USTAD POORAN SHAH JI KOTI himself says marasi kabeele da hon karke main jammda hi gaan lagg gaya si te jadon hosh sambhale udon sur vich gaun lag gya so is tarah eh mera sangeet ishq kadon junoon vich badal gya pata hi na lagga. USTAD POORAN SHAH JI KOTI hardly completed his study up to 8th standard and then he had to leave study due to unavailability of resources and he had to work hard and his work was singing with which he was earning money and at that time USTAD POORAN SHAH JI KOTI was not aware that the art they are having is the only way to GOD which he recognized at his youngest age and at that time people were not aware with the importance of singing and it was the only source of entertainment and after few years people recognized the importance if singing and then he became the role model for his audience and for himself also because he was the singer who sing with soul. USTAD POORAN SHAH JI KOTI ustad was USTAD BAKAR HUSSAIN KHAN SAHIB and It was great honour when one day Pooran shah ji were singing and USTAD BAKAR HUSSAIN KHAN SAHIB were also their and ustaad ji impressed by his singing and went to pooran ji and said TU KISDA SHAGIRAD HAI JE KAR KISE DA NAHI TAAN MERE KOL AA JA and USTAD POORAN SHAH JI KOTI says that thatwas the biggest day of life when I got my GURU JI my MURSHAD USTAD BAKAR HUSSAIN KHAN SAHIB and that was the starting of road to success

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  1. It started with the introduction of Inderjit Nikku but it contains the introduction of Master Saleem and his fater Ustad Pooran Shah Koti. Please correct the same