Punjabi Singer Ravinder Grewal Biography and Image

Punjabi Singer Ravinder Grewal
Ravinder Grewal is a male Punjabi singer. He Ravinder Grewal Biographcomes from the Gujjarwal village in Ludhiana district of Punjab, India, and Grewal is the surname of the Jatt Sikh cummunity in that village.

Rarminder Grewal has a unique voice that sets him apart from traditional punjabi voices of past generations. He has steadily produced hits in his recent album releases and has established himself as one of the well known Bhangra singers of modern generation. His songs tend to have clean likable lyrics and he's sung several religious songs as well.

1. Nazran Miliyan (2010)
2. Jee Aayan Nu (2011)

Music Albums
Guru Manieo Granth (Religious)
Teri Haan Vich Haan
Haye Mera Dil
Aaveen Baba Nanaka (Religious)
Aaja Ni Aaja
Bottle Wargi
Desi Junctoin (2011)
Kharka Dharka
Roula Pai Gaya
Hatt Pichhe
Aj Din Shagna Da
Teri Haan Vich Haan
Eh Hai Khalsa (Religious)

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